About The Big Splash

Mental health is one of the top three most important issues for young Western Australians.

Four times as many young people now present to Emergency Departments with mental health crises including repeated self-injury and attempted suicide compared to five years ago.

Mental health issues in children and young people tend to be minimised and not spoken about, with persisting feelings of shame and stigma in families leading to a lack of advocacy for services and research in this vital area.

We aim to change these alarming figures and bring mental health to the forefront, to ensure our children and young people receive the professional help that they deserve, when they need it most.

Clinical experts are telling us that early intervention is critical, which is why Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation has joined with the clinical experts at Perth Children’s Hospital and Wild in Art to create The Big Splash WA.


Together we delivered a vibrant public art event.

The Big Splash WA is a Wild in Art event that took place in the streets, parks and public spaces of Perth and surrounds from 20 January to 4 March 2018.

A huge pod of wildly colourful dolphin sculptures painted by local artists swum into town as part of a mass public art exhibition to raise awareness and valuable funds for Perth Children’s Hospital’s Child and Adolescent Mental Health Unit.

At the same time, schools were given the opportunity to participate and have a smaller dolphin delivered to the school for them to paint. They also received a mental health education pack which was compiled by clinical experts and provides ways for children to become actively engaged with their own mental health in an age appropriate manner.

In developing this schools program a collaboration has been formed between a number of mental health and education organisations to ensure the correct content is delivered.


The Big Splash WA timeline

  1. Businesses, community groups, charities, education establishments and individuals are invited to partner with us on this journey.
  2. Artists, well-known and undiscovered, young and old, are invited to submit their designs. The best designs will be selected by sponsors to feature on the The Big Splash sculpture trail.
  3. Between 35 and 50 life-size dolphins will go on display around Perth and surrounds for eight weeks forming a spectacular sculpture trail for all to enjoy.
  4. A unique opportunity to educate an engaged community about Mental Health issues, supported by a schools education program.
  5. After the event, each sculpture will be sold at auction with the net proceeds going to support the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Unit at Perth Children’s Hospital through Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Read our FAQ’s to find out more about The Big Splash WA



37 beautiful dolphin sculptures turned the streets, parks and public spaces of Perth into a public art gallery from 20 January – 4 March 2018. If you are interested in finding out more about the Artists who painted the dolphin sculptures, click here.



Mental Health needs a united voice. Here is your chance to show the world you understand that mental health is real and that YOU can be the change! Take on one or all of the three Big Splash Challenges. Find out more here. 


Farewell Celebration

The Big Splash WA Art Trail has been delighting the people of WA and helping to raise awareness of child and adolescent mental health since 20th January 2018. The Big Splash WA dolphins were sent off in style at a special Farewell Celebration before they swum off to their forever homes in the Auction.

The Big Splash WA Art Trail dolphin pod was joined by a number of dolphin calves painted and decorated by children throughout WA participating in The Big Splash WA Schools Program. Find out more about the Farewell Celebration here. 



After being farewelled by their adoring fans, The Big Splash WA Auction saw our pod of wildly colourful dolphins come together for one final time. Individually designed and painted by local artists, these brilliant Dolphin sculptures are a truly unique collection of artwork and were highly sought after at the Auction. Find out more about what happened at the Auction here. 


About Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation

Here at Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation, we believe that all children deserve a chance. To live their healthiest and happiest lives. To be able to play and laugh with their siblings and friends. To feel safe and well cared for. To grow up and be whatever they choose to be.

This belief drives all that we do.

We are the main fundraising body for Princess Margaret Hospital and the soon to open Perth Children’s Hospital as well as the wider Child & Adolescent Health Service in Western Australia. We also work hard to promote healthy lifestyle messages to support parents in keeping their children well.

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